11 Home Remedies for Sugar Ants in Your House

If you're looking for a home remedies for sugar ants in your house, you're in luck because there are various sugar ant natural remedies to choose from when deciding. 

When insects invade your home, it can be one of the most challenging problems to contend with for anyone.

It can be even more complicated if the insects you have in the house are sugar ants.

Getting rid of sugar ants can be very frustrating because they multiply so rapidly.

home remedies for sugar ants in your house

Sugar ants thrive in moist places, especially since they live off sugar and sweet things that many people eat and drink.

We all know what it's like when you forget to wash a glass out or leave a loaf of bread on the counter, just for a few hours or days.

Once sugar ants get into your home, they make themselves suitable at home, and it can be hard to get rid of them once they begin to multiply.

What are Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants, otherwise known as the tiny black ants that march in a straight line, are small creatures with big appetites. 

Sugar ants originate from Australia and have recently migrated to the United States over the last 60 plus years. 

These dark-colored ants are pretty tiny and can be from one to three millimeters in length.

home remedies for sugar ants3

They have elbowed antennae and very slender bodies that make them extremely difficult to kill once sugar ants are in your home.

The male sugar ants are smaller than the females because they carry the offspring during their travels.

They are similar to fire ants and have no stingers, but when a colony grows large enough, the ant will bite or scratch and cause painful, itchy irritation.

What are The Habits of Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants do not build colonies or nests in your home, but they do like to inhabit dark, damp areas with little traffic.

  • They are most commonly found in the garden and under the kitchen sink. 
  • These ants feed on anything that contains sugar and protein.
  • They also like grease and oil.
  • That is why most sugar ants are commonly found in the kitchen or around greasy foods left out.

Here's a list of 11 Home Remedies for Sugar Ants in Your House to help you get rid of those pesky ants without resorting to harsh chemicals!

1. Borax

Borax is a natural ant killer and an all-natural, safe method to get rid of ants. 

It has insecticidal properties and makes the ant's exoskeleton brittle, so it kills them slowly.

natural remedies for sugar ants

It contains boron, an essential element for plants.

1 part borax + 1 part sugar + 1 part water = a slow acting but effective ant killer.

To use, mix equal parts of borax, sugar, and water into a thick paste.

2. Salt

When it comes to using salt I like to keep it simple.

You want to use 3 parts sugar + 1 cup water + 1 part salt = a great mix to get rid of sugar ants. 

1 teaspoon of salt sprinkled near the nest and through the house works effectively and efficiently.

Ants hate it and do not return to infested areas.

If, for some reason, they do return, repeat the treatment.

3. Peppermint Oil

Ants hate peppermint and easily keep at bay if you spray peppermint oil on the areas they like to visit.

Small bottle of essential mint oil used as a home remedy for sugar ants

Peppermint oil is also a natural pesticide, just like borax. It can also help get rid of spiders in a house.

To use, mix 2 teaspoons of peppermint oil with 1 cup of water.

Spray in areas where you find ants often or anywhere you want to keep ants away from, such as your garden.

4. Pepper

Pepper works well as a home remedy for sugar ants because ants hate it with a passion, with a side note of being an excellent repeller.

Sprinkling pepper around the house and near the nest can be a good repellent.

black pepper for home remedies for sugar ants in your house

It's not very expensive either, so many people choose to use it.

  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper sprinkled around is the right amount to keep ants at bay.
  • You can also make a homemade pepper spray and spray it everywhere where you might see the ants coming from inside or outside.

To make the pepper spray, crush some whole peppercorns and mix with water in a spray bottle.

5. Chalk

Calcium carbonate, which is the main ingredient in chalk, helps to keep ants at bay.

Spray some powdered chalk in the areas where ants enter the house.

Ants will not cross a chalk line. 

chalk for ants

To keep ants out of the house, draw a chalk line in front of the exterior doors.

To keep pesky ants away while dining outside, draw a chalk line around tables on the porch or patio.

You can also make a chalk powder spray if you want as an option.

  1. To use, mix one part of baking soda.
  2. With two parts of dry chalk.  
  3. Use this mixture to mark areas where ants are entering your house or coming out of the walls.

It will act as a repellent and a powerful ant killer.

6. Cornmeal

Sprinkle some cornmeal near the entrance of the ant's nest or where you see them coming into the house.

Cornmeal is another food item ants do not like.

Sprinkling cornmeal on the ground will interrupt the pheromone trail, stopping other ants from taking the same path through your home. 

home remedy for sugar ants

To use it, mix half a cornmeal cup with a quarter cup of water, forming a paste.

You can also sprinkle a little bit of cornmeal where you see the ants hanging out.

7. Boiling water

Boiled water is another fantastic trick to get rid of ants.

Ants are relatively small and do not tolerate heat very well.

They also do not swim, so if you put boiling water in areas where they like to hang around, they will quickly move away from the area because of the temperature.

Before applying this method, make sure there are no children or pets around that might accidentally have contact with the steam or hot water.

8. Lemon Juice

Ants hate the smell of lemon.

If you put lemon juice around sugar ants, they will quickly leave your house.

freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

Many home remedies for sugar ants use lemon and make them go away within a few days.

Many people have tried it, and it has worked for them as well.

To use:

  • Place a generous amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice on some cotton balls. 
  • Put them near the entrances to where you see ants coming in or out from your house.

9. White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to get rid of ants.

It's not poisonous and will only temporarily repel them

White vinegar for a home remedy used against sugar ants in your home

Vinegar has a pungent smell which is unpleasant for most insects, including ants.

You can make your own sugar ant spray repellant.

  • All you need is a spray bottle (preferably made of strong, clear plastic), water, and white vinegar. 
  • Fill the spray bottle with about 1/3 water and 1/3 vinegar
  • Use the spray bottle to mist your area.
  • The ants will run away from the smell of vinegar.
  • Remember, this won't kill them, but it will keep them away for a while.
  • You can repeat this process once a day for several days or when you notice the ants beginning to return frequently. 

You can also mix an equal amount of alcohol with white vinegar.

Ants hate the smell of alcohol-based products like denatured alcohol or methylated spirits (nail polish remover).

10. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are known to repel certain pests, such as sugar ants and cockroaches.

You can make a coffee-flavored ant bait by mixing about 1/2 cup of brewed coffee with 1/2 cup of sugar.

While this may not be the best solution, it is effective in most cases. 

Coffee grounds also work well for killing ants without harming the environment or your plants.

11. Cinnamon sticks

The smell of cinnamon works very well to drown out the ant's protective scent. 

home remedies for sugar ants11

It is much like humans wearing scented products to cover their scent.

The use of cinnamon is great, as it not only keeps the ants away but also makes them lose interest in your home and food products.

How to prevent sugar ants?

Once you've figured out how to get rid of sugar ants in your house, you'll want to make sure they don't come back.

The best way to do this is to keep your home clean, particularly between March and September when the sugar ant population is at its peak.

An empty cup and saucer covered by ants. Ideal concept for diabetes awareness.

You might also want to avoid leaving any sweet, sticky, or greasy food on your countertops.

You may also want to seal up any cracks in the perimeter of your home.

Clean the kitchen sink regularly

If you have dishes in the sink that you will not be able to clean until the morning, make sure they are well rinsed and free of food particles.

Once you've finished washing the dishes, make sure to clean out the sink and run the garbage disposal to remove any remaining food debris.

Clean your garbage disposal once a week by running white vinegar through it.

Vacuum Floors Regularly

Sugar ants collect crumbs from a variety of foods, not just sweets, and sugary treats.

Vacuuming your carpet and floors regularly will pick up any food particles you may overlook, ensuring that no sugar ants are attracted to your floors.


Sugar ants are a big problem, and it can be tough to get rid of them.

It's best to prepare ahead of time by keeping your home clean and sealed so you will not be inviting any ants into your home in the first place.

When ants do make their way inside, you can make everything as natural as possible to be harmful.

Remember to try our 11 home remedies for sugar ants in your house, and you should be sugar ant-free in no time.

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