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What is Vertigo

Vertigo can be described as the sensation of spinning, whirling, or moving that occurs when a person's balance is disturbed.

It is a perception that you or your surroundings are moving, and is often associated with unsteadiness and disorientation. If you feel that as though you're moving, it is referred to as subjective vertigo. If it feels like your surroundings are in motion, it's referred to as objective vertigo.

Symptoms of vertigo may be constant or episodic, lasting from minutes to hours, sometimes persisting for weeks or months.

Common symptoms include nausea, dizziness, vomiting, inner ear imbalance, sensations of motion or disorientation, involuntary eye movements or double vision, weak limbs, sweating, ringing in ears, lightheadedness, and problems balancing.

These symptoms can have a serious impact on the daily lives of people suffering from them. Normal activities such as driving a car or walking down stairs can become extremely difficult, compromising a person's ability to be fully functional in daily tasks and social activities.

Common vertigo symptoms can be brought on by conditions including but not limited to inner ear damage or fluid imbalance, menopause, motion sickness or altitude sickness, and migraine headaches.

Natural Treatment for Common Symptoms of Vertigo:

Claritox Pro™ is a safe, effective, non-addictive natural remedy made of 100% homeopathic ingredients. 

Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine, Claritox Pro™ helps to temporarily relieve symptoms of inner ear imbalance, vertigo, and feelings of disorientation. 

Claritox Pro™ is a powerful homeopathic formulation for addressing symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and spinning sensations or motion disturbances. 

Using a unique, proprietary blend of four highly diluted and scientifically selected natural substances, Claritox Pro™ provides an effective and safe choice for wooziness, unsteadiness, and support for maintaining normal inner ear fluid levels.

Taken internally, Claritox Pro™ contains no artificial colors or preservatives and is available in convenient, small tablets that can be chewed or dissolved.

Since homeopathic remedies have no known side effects or interactions with other medicines or herbal supplements, it is also safe to use for all ages. 

For additional support, Claritox Pro™, an herbal supplement for promoting feelings of calm and a relaxed mood, is a great complementary remedy to Claritox Pro™.

To ensure the safety of Claritox Pro™ and to provide the highest quality, most effective product, all Native Remedies® homeopathic medicines and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility.

This is all done under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists. Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). 

For more than 200 years, homeopathy has been used to provide relief for a broad array of symptoms from a number of health conditions. It uses the premise of like-treats-like to help address specific symptoms, utilizing natural ingredients to provide temporary relief from the same symptoms that at full-strength they would cause.

Claritox Pro™ addresses the real issues, not just the symptoms. It helps manage inner ear disorders/vertigo by:

  • Balancing inner ear fluids (endolymph)
  • Improving arterial blood flow to the brain and to the inner ear
  • Minimizing the occurrence and severity of vertigo/dizziness
  • Easing ringing in the ear/fullness of the ear
  • Alleviating stiffness of the neck which may support healthy cerebral circulation

Read About Positive Experience Of Others With Claritox Pro  **

Jocie Aloha from Hawaii... I am so thankful that my sister Stef told me about Claritox Pro 1 year ago. My husband Lyle and I take it first thing in morning before we start our day and we are SOLD on this fantastic product. I have come across more of my friends with vertigo and I highly recommended your product. We even gave some of them a sample of ours. You have no idea how much we love this product.Mahalo and Aloha from Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

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Daniel I ordered Claritox for my mom who frequently gets dizzy and passes out, and it works great! It's truly amazing how it makes my mom feel better in a matter of minutes. As soon as she starts feeling dizzy she takes two tablets and with in minutes she feels better. This has improved her quality of life. I will definitely recommend it to someone else.


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 Alice I had feelings of vertigo for a long time. Finally this product show some improvement. Initially I had nausea, dizziness every day, but the frequency has reduced to once in 5 days. I hope I get completely cured of this problem.


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Shereen I have been using Claritox Pro for about a month and know it must be helping because when- ever I begin feeling unstable, it reminds me that I forgot to take my little Claritox pills. I truly believe they have improved my condition!


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Sara Who would have guessed this product would help me. I was scared to go out in public in case I had an attack. Now I take tablets before going out in public and it sure helps. I take tablets every day to stop attacks. Wish more people knew about this product. Thanks a MILLION!!!!!!!


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This specific functional formula intended to help manage vertigo symptoms has been developed by the prestigious (CACMS) and made in the United States in compliance with stringent regulatory standards. The formula is based on a traditional herbal preparation with thousands of years of history of safe and effective use to brighten the senses.

Claritox Pro Ingredients: Why It Is Effective?

Each serving of this potent supplement comes packed with a wide array of herbs, plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins. Of these, some of the constituents worth highlighting the most include:

Zinc – Our inner ear has a balance system that controls our blood flow and helps us stand straight or maintain a balance. Zinc can be added to our diet to enhance this balance system that often gets weak.

Chromium – Adding chromium to your diet can improve your vestibular system that helps your body strike a balance in blood flow and prevent dizziness. Sometimes when you get up suddenly, the body loses balance. Claritox Pro can be prevented with the help of chromium.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – It is an antioxidant that is added to many natural supplements these days to prevent the damage caused to the nerves and body’s balance system. Claritox Pro supplement is also said to be very beneficial in treating diabetes-induced neuropathy.

Green Tea – Many symptoms that are associated with vertigo, dizziness, weak balance system and nausea can often be treated with green tea and its extracts. However, Claritox Pro should be consumed with other important herbs and minerals to enhance the effect.

Berberine HCL – It is famous for killing many bacteria and viruses that often come with several toxins in our bodies to wreck the balance system. Claritox Pro supplement is important to consume this ingredient regularly to eliminate toxins and improve the balance system naturally.

Resveratrol – It is mainly used to widen the blood vessels and relax them so your body gets enough blood flow and circulation every day. Claritox Pro supplement helps prevent blood rush or clots leading to further issues in the balance system.

Milk Thistle – It is often used to treat diseases related to blood flow and regulation. Claritox Pro supplement is also used as a treatment of lightheadedness when combined with other herbs.

Ginseng Korean – It is an excellent remedy for hearing loss, inner ear damage, wrecked balance system, poor blood flow and dizziness. Claritox Pro gives your body a lot of energy to survive an entire day without having lots of food. Claritox Pro is used in many traditional Asian medicines to heal blood flow and circulation effectively.

Banaba – It can reduce high blood sugar, cholesterol, ear damage and other illnesses and risks that can cause a weak balance system. Claritox Pro supplement is extremely beneficial when taken for a regular duration.

Other Ingredients – Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide.

Read Complete List of Ingredients And Claim Your Special Discount Here!

Who Should Use Claritox Pro And Who Should Not?


  • If you have severe vertigo or nausea and vomiting.
  • If you feel like you are going to die from dizziness.
  • If you’re constantly feeling dizzy and can’t do anything until it goes away.
  • If you get a complication from your constant dizziness, like headaches, blurred vision, or sleep disorder.
  • If all the other medications for vertigo have failed.
  • If you want to prevent your vertigo from coming back even after it is gone.


  • People below the age of 20.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mother.
  • People with heart ailments or severe medical conditions.

Claritox Pro is a plant-based product that contains vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to meet your nutritional requirements.

With Claritox Pro, you can easily remain balanced and avoid unnerving dizziness.

It is a naturally derived dietary supplement that improves immune function while maintaining a healthy balanced system, preventing dizziness, serious injuries, and even disability. 

Claritox Pro pills are pure and non-GMO (genetically modified organism). All of its ingredients are put in precisely the right amounts as per the requirements to keep the properties intact.

I’m so confident that you will completely be thrilled with the results you get by using Claritox Pro.

This supplement is completely safe to use. If you’re not satisfied with the results you get, you can simply ask for a refund within 60 days. It’s totally worth it giving a try!

You can enjoy discounts and special offers provided by the brand. So without any further ado, book your Claritox Pro bottle while stocks last.

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