How to Naturally Relieve Vertigo and Gain a New Lease on Life

Anyone who has ever experienced a bout of Vertigo knows exactly how debilitating and severe this condition can be.

Vertigo is a condition in which one experiences dizziness and changes in vision and balance. 

Extreme nausea, along with vomiting, is commonly associated with this condition as well.

During an episode of Vertigo, the sufferer often feels worse when they turn their head.

Sweating and heart palpitations can also occur.

Other Effects of Vertigo can be:

  • Social anxiety
  • Body tension
  • Body balance problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Standing and walking problems
  • Spinning problems

Tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ear) can also be associated with Vertigo.

The majority of people live with this bothersome symptom even after their attack of Vertigo has passed.

Vertigo is often described as a feeling of spinning or being on a roller coaster or in a carnival funhouse but not fun at all, lol.

How Long Does Vertigo Last?

The onset of Vertigo is often quick, and it may last for anywhere between a few minutes to several hours.

Unfortunately, some people may suffer for several weeks or months at a time.

However, Vertigo can affect anyone at any age and appears to be more common in older adults over the age of forty.

Vertigo is often broadly categorized into two specific types:

  1. Peripheral Vertigo.
  2. Central Vertigo.

home remedies for vertigo

Central Vertigo can be a sign that there is some kind of disturbance within the brain. 

Sometimes Vertigo can indicate a more serious medical condition, such as a brain tumor or even cancer.

Peripheral Vertigo is known to be common in people with inner ear disorders.

While people who have inner ear disorders (such as Meniere’s disease) are more susceptible to bouts of Vertigo.

This condition may also indicate an impending migraine, an infection, or even a heart attack.

Vertigo is also sometimes associated with brain trauma, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Some studies have suggested that stress can make vertigo symptoms even worse.

Vertigo is often thought as one of the most physically debilitating conditions one can endure.

  • Approximately eighty-seven percent of Americans will experience Vertigo at some point in their lifetimes. 
  • Vertigo may make it impossible to go to work, socialize, do chores, or even sleep. 
  • When Vertigo strikes, it can increase one’s risk of severe injury due to a fall. 
  • Falls can also cause permanent disability or even death.

Alternative Treatments for Vertigo

It’s no wonder that those who suffer from this condition want the best vertigo treatment that they can find.

One of the most common ways people attempt to treat this condition is by relying on prescription medications.

best vertigo home treatment

Unfortunately, there are some significant drawbacks to taking prescriptions.

  • Many elderly individuals suffer from Vertigo, and these prescriptions can cause severe confusion, brain fog, dry mouth, and other nasty side effects.
  • Some people prefer a more natural alternative than prescription pills.

Homeopathic solutions such as placing essential oils (lavender, peppermint, and lemon are among the most popular options) on various pulse points on the body have shown some success.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to ascertain the purity of such oils, with many of them having far too many fillers to be effective truly. 

Other studies have found that using essential oils to treat Vertigo provides little more than a placebo effect.

What is the Best Treatment for Vertigo?

Although essential oils haven’t been very effective, there is a different natural product on the market that has shown to increase brain health, improve focus and concertation, and stop Vertigo once and for all.

One of the most significant breakthroughs in the treatment of Vertigo is a startling finding in regards to the effect of ototoxins on the brain in relation to vertigo symptoms. 

Ototoxins are chemical compounds found in just about every over-the-counter pain reliever, cold medicines, and sleep aids.

A build-up of ototoxins in the brain is associated with the onset of many vertigo symptoms, including dizziness, tinnitus, and vision changes.

To effectively address these issues, ototoxins must be thorough flushed from the brain.

Fortunately, there is a new product on the market that can safely and effectively do just that.

Claritox Pro is an all-natural, organic supplement that has been widely regarded as being the best vertigo treatment available today. 

Claritox Pro Review

What makes this product incredibly unique compared to other vertigo treatments is that it is a blend of all-natural ingredients that have been shown to provide powerful relief.

This FDA-approved and lab-tested formulation contains natural ingredients, such as green tea, ginseng, milk thistle, chromium, and cayenne, which target exotoxins and flush them right out of the brain.

Nowadays, everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the harmful chemicals and substances used in pharmaceutical companies.

Claritox Pro is not only chemical-free, but it is stimulant-free as well.

Another issue associated with prescriptions used to treat Vertigo is that they can quickly become habit-forming.

When this happens, it is often difficult, even impossible, to break the habit.

Fortunately, this product is entirely natural, but it has also not been shown to be addictive.

This is especially important for individuals who have a history of addiction in their family.

For those who are vegan, this product is also both cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Astronauts have often spoken about the issues they experience when training for space travel.

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It is rumored that they also regularly take Claritox Pro to help combat the intense dizziness that they endure during training and when they set out on missions.

If it is good enough for astronauts to integrate into their training, it must be effective enough for anyone else who suffers from Vertigo.

If you find yourself struggling with a bout of Vertigo, consider trying an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals and pick up a bottle of Claritox Pro.

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